Vacation Bible School

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Day 3

I finally got the camcorder there and working and got some good shots. The theme for day 3 was "Believe the King". The littlest kids, the two-year-olds, mostly just stay in the nursery, but the nursery leader brought them out to do the craft, which was painting a little lion. There's several rows of lions in the corner of the crafts area looking very nice! I taped the oldest class as well doing recreation; they were playing a "Capture the Flag" style game. I avoided jumping in though...they also managed their first visitor of the week, so it looks like we'll have to buy those movie passes after all! The 3-5 year-olds painted puppets for their craft time - they were very proud of them and spent a lot of time trying to eat my camera. Dinner was hot dogs and mac-n-cheese, with a spectacular homemade chocolate mocha brownie for dessert! It comes of taking care in choosing the kitchen staff. Final evening class tomorrow with the campfire at the end. I think we've managed to buy our Heifer Project bees and rabbits as well.


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