Vacation Bible School

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Director's meeting notes

Gina has prepared the VBS challenge cans and entry slips and offering baskets. Each class will be asked to bring change to donate for our missions project.

We verified that the tent will be set up on the 11th and everything else on the 12th. There seems to be some confusion over the exact dates - we'll have to check the bulletin for accuracy next week.

Gina checked with the fire station on regulations for our closing night fire. It's really a campfire and not a bonfire, which requires fewer permissions. But even if it was very large it would probably still only be $5 or so for a permit.

Cathy had a list of last-minute items that need to be checked on:
  • Make sure the skit set designer and skit producer are working together. Cathy will look into that.
  • Make sure the music director is ready. Ben will check.
  • The Level 3 class teacher is having a graduation party on setup day. Gina is going to check to see if she wants help decorating her room. Also, we decided not to order student books for any classes except Level 3 - we need to find out if those are needed.
  • Cathy will make sure that a tarp and table coverings are ready for the crafts table.
  • Gina will verify that the exit lights are working properly.
  • We need to verify that the Recreation and Level 3 assistants are willing and able.
  • Cathy will verify that the opening ceremony is in order. This will require communication between the emcee, the music leader, and the skit leader.
  • Cathy will also check on children that might need rides.
  • Ben will write a letter to send to parents inviting them to the closing ceremony on Sunday.
  • Gina will prepare nametags for staff and children.
The church missions and worship committees will be responsible for the ark, so we're leaving that in their hands. Cathy is starting to work on thank-yous for the teachers and she asked Ben to get some clipart for them.

Cathy worked on prizes for the challenge – she has a dollar-tree basket with some animals for Pre-K. For the middle levels, she has some bendy animals and safari equipment that will probably work for both. Cathy will arrange baskets and bring some to the next meeting to be looked at. The oldest class will be getting movie tickets, but we'll hold off on ordering them until we know that they actually have eligible kids :)

We still need an announcement to go to Spirit-95, the local Christian music station. Ben will give that to Cathy and she will drop it off. Cathy also plans to send postcards for pre-regs

We decided that we will draw for the VBS challenge at the closing ceremony on Thursday before the kids go out to the campfire.

Ben needs to contact Pastor Annette to see if: the bulletin has the schedule right; if Thursday has no recreation period; who will be doing Children's Worship for this week; does she need a commisioning ceremony; can she publicize our workday on Saturday.

We need to get an orientation folder to the crafts leader, who doesn't attend this church.

We'd like a Missions Committee member to talk at the closing ceremony for ten minutes or so.

We'll meet again Sunday evening for real last-second stuff!


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