Vacation Bible School

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Invitations go out today

We send out a little package to each family that we think is likely to attend VBS. It consists of a letter to the kids on stationary we ordered, a letter to the parents on church stationary, a long registration form, and a CD with the music. We've set ourselves a goal this year of getting 5 new kids to come, and in order to get there we've set up a challenge and a prize drawing for the kids who bring the most visitors. Whether this package will help with that task I'm not sure. It's nice to get the CD's out and let the kids start listening to the music well before VBS starts. I suspect publicity money could probably be spent better, but since our total attendance will most likely be less than 60 I'm not sure one way or the other. We'll see.

Next director's meeting will be Thursday, and we're planning a meeting next Saturday for all the non-teacher helpers - that's the craft, music, and skit leaders, and the setup and cleanup people.


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