Vacation Bible School

Monday, May 23, 2005

Fundraiser lunch

After church yesterday we did a fundraising lunch. We provided delicious sandwiches and begged for VBS money :) We got about what we got last year, I think, around $200. (We'll probably have a total budget of around $500.) My wife did some wonderful decorations, using paper bags for vines and leaves cut from green cardboard. She added some "safari" snacks she found in a magazine - live worms (hot dogs cut lengthwise), snake eggs (grapes), dried ants (dried cranberries), and jungle juice (green Hawaiian Punch.) We were a little disappointed in the attendance since not every chair we put out was filled, but it went pretty well I thought.

The oddest thing about this whole experience for me is continually asking people to do things. Now that our lunch is over, we've next scheduled a scenery painting day for June 4th, and then the Saturday before VBS will be a setup day. In the meantime, it's time to get announcements in the paper and on the radio.


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