Vacation Bible School

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Day 2

I left work a little earlier today and managed to get the kids there in time to have dinner. One boy was a bit frightened by the loud noises in the opening program and had to stay out in the hall, but everyone had fun. The 4th - 6th grade class had just three kids tonight, which is just as well as the teachers were sick again and the teenagers came to the rescue. They are a true blessing to the church. Recreation was an obstacle course and hula hoops - I missed seeing 7th and 8th graders running it, unfortunately, but watching the 3-5's with their hula hoops was a joy. They painted their own puppets for craft time, while the older kids made suncatchers. The rain's held off for both days so far! Dinner was homemade pizza - everyone thoughtfully left me the whole veggie pizza for myself and some terrific apple pie. Forgot my camcorder again tonight so still no video, and the battery went dead in the still camera. Aargh! I borrowed Pastor Annette's camera and took some bad pictures. Her camera is nicer than mine but I don't work it very well.


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