Vacation Bible School

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Volunteer commissioning

We put our prize baskets out on the registration table and the kids were three deep trying to get a look at them. We'll have to remember to get them out earlier next time!

We did the volunteer commissioning today during the service. It was very nice; the 3-5 class came upstairs to watch and also to watch the emcee, Carl, give a two-minute presentation to drum up excitement. He is so good at that - came in wearing his safari outfit and pith helmet - and had worked up a series of sound effects that he triggered by remote control from a PowerPoint deck, starting with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and some Tarzan yells. He read out his "Top Ten Reasons to Attend Vacation Bible School" and got the kids pretty cranked up, so that was fun.

After church was the time we had set for teachers to decorate their classrooms. We had arranged for a spaghetti dinner to be provided afterwards but almost everyone was gone by dinnertime so we cancelled that. Everything is pretty much decorated now. In a panic, we ordered 5 extra pre-K workbooks and craft projects, to be shipped by UPS Overnight, which cost a fortune, but as my wife said, "I can't bear the thought of a four-year-old looking up at me with doe eyes and saying 'I don't have a book!'". So peace of mind is cheap at the price :)

I overlooked a letter that I need to write to parents, inviting them to the Thursday night campfire and the closing ceremony on Sunday, so I wrote that up tonight and will have to print it during class time tomorrow, when I will hopefully have a few minutes to do it. We set a hymn for the closing ceremony and added another song, so hopefully that is almost together. I'll work with Pastor to get a bulletin printed up. Next stop: VBS. I will be at the church at 5:15 and borrow a van to go pick up some of the kids who need rides. Places, everyone!


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