Vacation Bible School

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Director's meeting notes

This is our final meeting before VBS starts. Saturday we will pitch the tent and Sunday the teachers will come in and decorate the rooms. Monday, Gina is teaching a class and Cathy is signing in kids. I will be working a videocamera and dealing with emergencies, as well as driving kids in if they need rides.

An announcement went in to Spirit 95 and we were also in the newspaper's Religion section, although we thought the wording was a little odd. Better than nothing at all! We verified that most of the things that we needed to happen are happening; the skits are being worked on; the opening ceremony people are talking. We want to have our VBS Challenge baskets available, so Cathy is going to get the prize collections to Gina and she will finish them out. We've given tentative student lists to the teachers.

There was a family who might need rides that came in on Sunday. Cathy will call them to double-check one way or the other.

For next Sunday, Cathy and Ben will do a "Top 10 reasons for attending VBS". Carl will read it out.

Gina has emailed the Level 3 teacher, no response yet. She's still planning to put name tags together.

Becky volunteered to do a closing ceremony skit, so that was nice.

Last year, we called some of the families who we sent invitations to but didn't respond. It didn't seem to be terribly effective and rather stressful, so we decided not to do that this year.

We're planning on Pastor Annette to do the volunteer commissioning on Sunday, and we need to send an email to all the teachers to make sure they will be there for setup. Also, we've been assuming that Pastor will be taking still pictures but that needs to be confirmed. We also may be short some art supplies, but that's something we probably won't need to worry about until Monday.

Good luck everyone! The work starts in earnest come Saturday!


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